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UniMac® 's National Sales Manager Shares Knowledge on Proper Cleaning of Firefighter Gear
Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Bill Brooks, UniMac®'s National Sales Manager and volunteer firefighter, is featured in February's Fire Chief article, "Clean and Easy." Brooks shares his knowledge about how to ensure proper care for firefighters' gear. Not all fire departments have adopted the best practices associated with the National Fire Protection Association's regulations for proper cleaning and decontamination of gear, but laundry innovations like UniMac's PPE drying cabinet and UniLinc™ can help keep firefighter gear in top shape.

"Battling a fire is dangerous, but so are the carcinogens left on firefighters' gear after they have returned to the station," Brooks writes. "Although easy and common, using a hose to spray gear with water will not remove these toxins, which can pose serious health risks."

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