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UniMac North American Sales Manager Discusses Expected OPL Trends for 2017
Thursday, December 29, 2016

In an American Laundry News OPL 101 article, UniMac® North American Sales Manager Bill Brooks predicted the top three on-premises-laundry (OPL) trends for 2017.  Brooks expects improvements in real-time and remote monitoring capabilities and the implementation of “green” laundry technology. He also stated that with laundry rooms continually becoming smaller, there is a need to be more conscious of space as well as properly train staff to ensure optimal efficiency.

 “Over the years, OPL equipment and machines have undergone numerous advancements that are helping to increase facility efficiencies,” Brooks stated. “For example, today’s equipment has seen a drastic improvement in its ability to reduce energy and water consumption, thereby increasing efficiencies and lowering utility and labor expenses.” 

Read the full article on the American Laundry News website here.